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Last year, I started a small row of succulents in the area below my side porch and next to a small patio.  It gets a lot of sun, and not much rain water, so it’s not good for much else. 

The mother of a good friend gave me two grocery bags full of hens and chicks from her garden.  I just set them gently into the dirt, sprinkled them with a bit of water, and they soon took hold and started reproducing prolifically.  I love the tinges of burgundy and their resemblance to roses opening to the sun.

I also purchased an assortment of sedums from two local nurseries.  I planted some next to the steps leading to the porch.  This one rewarded me with cute little yellow blossoms  this spring, which I had not expected.

I felt the area under the porch needed a plant with some height, to camouflage the gaping space there, so I had the great idea of planting lamb’s ear.  My friend (the one with the kind hens and chicks mother) warned me that it is horribly invasive and that I would regret it.  I pooh-poohed her, and planted the tiny seedlings rather enthusiastically.  Surely they wouldn’t grow too big the first year, and, even if they do, I can just thin them out, I thought.  

If you look very closely, perhaps you can spot a tiny chick trying to make its way out of that heavy, grey-green foliage!  My lamb’s ear will be finding a new home come fall, in its own dedicated patch.  I should have listened!