My vision–two rows thick with evenly spaced bean plants.  The reality–two loosely defined rows of spottily germinated seedlings.  Two weeks ago, I sowed these rows of Agway’s Long Tendergreen  beans, into carefully poked holes, one inch deep, about 6 inches apart.  I covered them loosely, and gently, faithfully showered them with the hose  every other day.  Sadly, they have not performed well. 

Agway’s Golden Butterwax beans have proven an even greater disappointment.  Today I sowed more seed, quite heavily,  filling in  the blank spaces within the rows.  In the spot I had saved for a second crop of beans, I sowed, again, quite heavily, a full pack of Burpee’s Stringless Green Pod garden beans.  In two weeks I hope to report the need to thin out the beans!

In other vegetable garden news, I staked my tomatoes yesterday evening, and, to discourage blight, trimmed off the bottom branches so they are not touching with the ground.  The beefsteak plant was a gift from a mother in a toddler story time group I lead, and I am rather perturbed with myself for having broken off its top three inches, along with its first two blossoms!