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I had a short list of tasks to do this morning in the front garden.  Here in the corner, I needed to clip the heads off the spent lilies, and deadhead and trim the lacey, aphid damaged  leaves from the rose bush.  The container of lantana, petunias, and geraniums needed to be deadheaded as well.  I placed this pot here to provide some color in the corner after the lilies and rose finished blooming.  The rose has a lot of new growth and buds; when it shines again, I will move the pot to a new bland spot.  The self-sown cosmos in the back will be in full bloom soon.

The lilies really were lovely this year.  I was overjoyed that the neighborhood deer let them bloom–I haven’t seen flowers on them since I planted them five years ago! 








Farther down the garden, the barberry slyly reached out of its bounds, so I trimmed it back.  Then I pulled some weeds, deadheaded the astilbe, and called myself done!