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Looking around the gardens and roadsides here in the northeastern Pennsylvania, one might think it’s time for the kids to be back to school already, as many of the plants we associate with mid to late August are already blooming in their full glory. 


My rose of Sharon started blooming over a week ago.  It really has gotten too big for its allotted space!



The black-eyed Susans are also very early this year.  I can usually count on a nice bouquet of them on the Labor Day picnic table, but perhaps not this year!

Even the goldenrod along the edge of the road is early!  I just recently learned that this wildflower is indeed goldenrod, and not the sneeze-inducing ragweed.  Ragweed’s flowers are smaller and not as bright yellow; its leaves are deeply notched, and its stems have a purple tint. 

I surmise that these early blooms result from our very wet spring and early summer, followed by a hot July.