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Yippee!  My neighbor mowed his lawn yesterday!

Why am I so excited?  Well, I got to reap the benefit, a thirty-five gallon trash bin full to the top of fresh grass clippings, which I use to control the weeds in my vegetable garden. 

First I did a quick overall weeding job, turning the little weeds under with the hoe, and pulling the larger ones.  Then, with my daughter’s help, I spread the grass, about one to two inches thick, all over the garden.  I dropped it between the rows, covered the walking paths, and tucked it between individual plants. 

I first used this technique last summer, and was very happy with the results.  Not only were few weeds hearty enough poke through the grass, but it also kept the garden from drying out.  I seldom needed to water, even during dry periods.  Eventually, the grass rots and becomes rich compost to till into the soil next spring.  It was well worth the small effort yesterday, to avoid the tedious effort of weeding all summer long!

Oh, I am very happy to report that my second planting of beans germinated much more successfully than the original!  I should be serving fresh, homegrown beans to my family by late August!  Until then, we will support our local farmers!