I’m getting ready to take a brief vacation, and I want to be sure my flowers will be happy while I’m gone.  This morning, I soaked my many container gardens, and deadheaded everything, almost to a fault, stopping just short of pinching off every single bloom on the petunias and marigolds!

 I also deadheaded flowers in the rock garden and gave each of my new-this-year perennials a long drink.  Every single green bean seed in the second planting seems to have germinated, so I’m hoping to find time to go out there and thin those out before I leave as well.  Additionally, I will move a basket of petunias to a shady corner.  It is growing in a nursery mix of very light soil, and needs to be watered every other day when hanging in the bright sun.

My husband is worried about maintaining the flowers while I’m gone, but I think the hour I spent on these tasks this morning will keep him responsibility free until I return!