When my daughter was in second grade, she was very proud to present to me a Mother’s Day gift of three morning glories in a paper cup.  They were remarkably strong and healthy, and of course I wanted to keep them that way.  Planting them anywhere in the ground around our house would be a disaster, thanks to our woodchuck population, so I decided to try them in a pot on our side porch.  They performed brilliantly, and I have grown morning glories there ever since.  Last year, they put on a spectacular show:

I wound fishing line around the porch pillars for the vines to climb.  Last year’s crop was so vigorous, I was able to extend the line across the porch. 

I saved a good number of seeds last year, but I need not have.  This spring and early summer, countless volunteer morning glories have sprouted, not only in the pots in which they originally grew, but in many other pots that were stored on the porch over the winter.  Here are this year’s porch dwellers:

They aren’t as impressive as last year’s, perhaps due to the extreme heat, or, as a friend has suggested, bad soil, but they’re still nice. 

I’ve also seen several vines attempting to grow on the stone patio just below the porch, including this one that seems to originate under the steps:





I have mixed feelings about the next ones.  These sprouted in a pot of impatiens and coleus on a second floor balcony.  The morning glories have definitely sucked some the energy away from the impatiens, and since they’ve curled around the posts, I can’t turn the pot to keep the plants from leaning toward the sunlight.  On the other hand, I think they are quite lovely up there.  Next year, I plan to devote a long window box to morning glories and let them twine to their hearts’ content!