I took a stroll through our Agway’s garden center this morning, and came home with empty hands but a full mind of ideas.

They are selling large pots of healthy looking annuals at very low clearance prices.  I could fill in some bland, empty spots with three dollars worth of bright vinca.  I’m sure it will last at least another month.  Then I wonder, do I want to prolong the summer color, or is it time to move on to something more autumnal?

Two workers were loading a table with beautiful, fully budded asters in two shades of purple.  Where in the perennial bed would they fit, and will they really come back next year?  Is it time to re-work some of the tired looking containers on the porch with some fall color?  Goodness knows, the petunias and geraniums in these pots have seen happier days! 

Finally, all of the berry bushes are half price.  I’ve been wanting to start a small patch of red raspberries.  Time to do some research on the variety the store has in stock (Amity) and figure out where in my yard to plant them!

I will surely be re-visiting Agway tomorrow morning!