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My vegetable garden got off to slow start this year, with most of the planting occurring on the Fourth of July.  Therefore, we are still relying heavily on our local farmers’ markets for fresh produce this summer.  Yesterday morning, my daughter and I visited several stalls and came home with a bounty, including  a few things that are new to us:

We bought curvy, swirly Japanese cucumbers, which, despite their seeming limpness, are the crispest cukes I’ve ever eaten!  I want to grow them myself next year.  The flavor of the two heirloom tomatoes (the top one was more orange than the picture shows) did not impress us enough to be worth the extra money.  They were quite bland, really.  In the middle of the picture are a bunch of ground cherries, about which I know nothing!  My daughter sampled one and pronounced that we should buy a basketful.  They taste like somewhat sweet, firm tomatoes, with decidedly earthy tones.  I did not care for them, but the daughter did.  Both of my kids (ages 10 and 13) had a grand time popping them out of their papery skins, seeing who could send them flying the farthest across the lunch table!

We also bought plenty of more usual things–sweet corn, beans, watermelon. . .  For lunch yesterday, we enjoyed a bounty of vegetables with some cheese and crackers:

(full disclosure-the strawberries are California grown, from the supermarket!)

Loving farm market day!