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I was lucky.  Here in my corner of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Hurricane Irene was relatively gentle.  The wind blew hard all day, and it rained quite a bit, but there was no damage to my house, no water in my basement, and my power was out for only six hours, during daylight. 

The cleanup chores are minimal.  There are a lot of leaves and small twigs to sweep, and the hanging baskets, taken down Saturday before the storm, need to be re-hung.





The cosmos, formerly tall and upright, did not fare so well.  I wish I had thought to stake them in preparation for all the wind!  The vegetable garden came through it better, with just some windblown  zucchini plants and sunflowers.  


Of course there are plenty of limbs and branches to collect.  Seems like a good job for the almost 11-year-old and the 13-year-old in my house, who are enjoying a one day (update–one week!) postponement of the first day of school this year!

The stick to the right must have been propelled off its tree with gargantuan force, as it sunk itself a good three inches into the ground!

One unfortunate potted plant in my front porch hideaway blew off the table.  I can save the plant, a euphorbia x lomi, also labeled “Forever Flower.”  This makes me happy, since it really does display cheerful small red flowers all year long!  (I just looked it up on-line, and discovered it’s commonly known as Crown of Thorns, which makes perfect sense, as you can see by all the thorns on its stem!)  I am sorry, though, to lose the pot, which my daughter painted for me when she was in kindergarten, six years ago!

We watched this tall white birch sway and fall gracefully into my neighbors’ garden.  I had planned to write a post at some point about how much I envy their huge bed of zebra grass and butterfly bushes.  Now I do not envy them the job of removing this tree and restoring their garden to its glory!

At the end of the windy, rainy day, the clouds parted, and the sunset blazed beyond the trees.  Good night, Irene, good night!