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Early in the summer, a good friend of mine opened a bagel shop.  To celebrate her opening, I planted a large container of flowers for her sidewalk.  I gave her yellow Marguerite daisies and Dresden Blue angelonia for height, deep maroon sweet potato vine and Marietta Gold Spark bidens to gracefully drape over the edge, brilliant fuchsia pentas, and burnt orange celosia to reflect the camp theme of her store. 

Sadly, I neglected to take a picture of it while it was still fresh and happy!  Here it is, as summer ends.

The daisies, angelonia, and pentas weathered the summer well.  The sweet potato vine absolutely thrived, though you can’t see it well in this picture.  The celosia and bidens suffered, though.  Too dry, too wet, too hot?  I don’t know. 

This morning, I refreshed the pot for fall, removing the dead and ailing plants, and replacing them with chrysanthemums and asters. 

I had intended to add a flowering kale, but it seems its pungent scent was quite alluring, for some hungry creature took the trouble to climb onto my porch and feast upon it!

Our younger cat, Dingbat, kept me company, and had fun chasing the small rivulets of water as they dribbled down the driveway!

I am very pleased with the performance of the sweet potato vine, Ipomoea Batatas ‘Blackie’.   This was my first experience with this plant, and I plan to add it to my own collection of flowers next year.  I didn’t realize it would bloom, but a lovely little purplish pink flower has appeared, and there are a few more buds near it.  I will take some cuttings of this plant and try to root them over the winter.  Wouldn’t it be beautiful in a pot with my giant coleus and some light pink or white impatiens?

I think my friend will be pleased with her new arrangement.  She told me to give her the receipts for the plants so she can repay me, but I’d rather be compensated with fresh, hot bagels!