Here is a tour of what’s going on in my flower gardens this month!

I didn’t think I would still have any black-eyed Susans left by this time, since they started blooming way back in late July, but there are still a few stalwart souls.  The birds will appreciate their seed heads this winter.

The self-seeded cosmos (sixth or seventh generation now) started blooming later than usual, but are in their glory now.   One of them is six feet tall!








The portulaca and lantana in the container gardens on my side porch are quite happy in the morning sunshine. 


A few springtime friends have stopped back by for a return visit: a clematis bloom in the vegetable garden, dianthus in the rocks, and a surprise viola in the window box of vincas!


Sunflowers and zinnias brighten up the vegetable garden.  I love the purple in this Fruit Smoothie zinnia!  The heads on the sunflowers (Evening Sun Mix) are smaller than I expected, but they will be nice in bouquets.

Rose of Sharon’s blooms are a bit more sparse than they were two weeks ago, but she still has many buds.  The pink Knockout rose is enjoying a fall flush.

Finally, complemented by a new flush of moonbeam coreopsis, here are my sedum, which I believe are Autumn Joy.  They were given to me by the mother of a good friend. the same woman who blessed me with the lamb’s ear and hens and chicks.  Last summer, the deer discovered them and had a nice mid-July feast.  The plants recovered, but bloomed late with many small heads.  This year, the deer did not venture so far down our hill, and the sedum has thrived.