Today was warm, humid, and overcast, so I decided, right after I took my shower, mind you, that it was time to move my Rose of Sharon.  Situated in the corner of my front garden, she really impeded progress to the front door! 

The first step, of course, was to dig a hole for her.  Anyone who has gardened in Pennsylvania or upstate New York, knows this is not trivial.  Rocks are our most successful crop!

This is but a small sampling of what came out of the ground.  I felt quite triumphant when I pulled out those two big ones on the left!




I managed to get a good hole dug, about two feet deep and two and a half feet across.  All of my industry was apparently too much for the cat!  I know I was feeling tired by now!





The process was not without its mishaps.  The shovel slipped at one point, and I will have a pretty bruise on my ankle by tomorrow morning.  And this, to the right, is what happens when one overloads the wheelbarrow with heavy sod and stones, and then tries to navigate across a steeply sloped front lawn!

The next task was to actually dig the shrub from the ground, a job made more difficult by the landscape fabric that lines the front beds.  It had been placed there by the former owners of our house, and has proven itself more hassle than weed blocker!  Once I cut a good portion of it away, digging around Sharon was much easier!  I was surprised, given the size of the plant, at how compact her root ball was!

Prying that root ball from the ground proved to be the undoing of my pitchfork!

I dug my hole deeper than necessary, so I put a cone of soil in the middle and put the bush on top.  I had to prop it on a lawn chair to keep it from falling over while I filled the hole with dirt and nice dark, rich compost.                            

I am probably overly proud of my compost! 

I believe that plenty of water is key to successful transplanting, so I gave Sharon two full watering cans, and called it done!  We are expecting a full day of rain tomorrow and showers the next day, so I think she will weather this move with a minimum of distress, and will eventually come to enjoy all of her new space!