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Today’s post is dedicated to my thirteen year old son, my favorite, and harshest, critic! 

“Mom,” he’ll say to me while I’m reading other people’s sites,”look at those pictures.  What do you see?  Color, lots of color!  Now, look at yours and what do you see?  Green, green, and more green!”

So here, in deference to him, is a post exploding with color!  Ironically, it all started with a trip to my vegetable garden to pick GREEN beans! 

I was distracted from my task, though, by activity in the zinnias.

The butterflies and bumblebees were having a party in my garden!

The bumblebees provided music for the dance.





The guests came dressed in glory. 

Eventually, I did set to picking beans, and wondered at the bounty of such a late summer harvest!

    (Zinnias:  Burpee’s Fruit Smoothie;  Sunflowers:  Burpee’s Evening Sun Mix;  Beans: Agway’s Golden Wax and Burpee’s Garden Bean, Stringless Green Pod)