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We’ve been stuck in a rainy pattern here for weeks, it seems!  One evening last week, though, after a heavy shower passed, we were shown the promise of sun. 

That promise was brilliantly reiterated early the next morning!

I took advantage of the sunny morning, working outside to the spirited tunes of the high school marching band playing for a pep rally at the school just down the hill.

Since I moved the rose of Sharon out of the front garden a couple of weeks ago, I decided to fill its empty spot with an underperforming astilbe.  The poor thing had barely stood a chance, positioned as it was under a thickly leaved rhododendron bough keeping it too shaded and too dry!  I think it will bloom much more happily in its new, more exposed space, just as its brother did earlier this summer!While I was mucking about in there, I also planted some tulips, promoted as “critter resistant.”  We shall see!

Moving up the porch steps, the impatiens by the front door seemed more appropriate for 1313 Mockingbird Lane, so I dug them out and replaced them with bronze and yellow chrysanthemums.  Since the center plant is so small, I also moved some tall coleus from another pot to keep it company.  Surely, it is now a far more welcoming sight to guests who might drop by for a cup of tea!