We had our fourth sunny day in a row today!  I used part of the afternoon to clean out the vegetable garden, pulling up the beans, zucchini, basil, and cucumbers, and piling them into the compost bin.  As I pulled, I reaped a small autumn harvest.

I picked a couple handfuls of green and yellow beans, five small cucumbers, a good-sized green bell pepper, about a pint of Sungold cherry tomatoes, and two larger not-quite-ripe tomatoes (Early Girl, I think!) that had fallen off their vines. 


Considering how late a start I gave the vegetable garden (July 4th) this year, I’m pleased with what it gave me, especially in beans and cucumbers.  However, as the chrysanthemums bloom, leaves change color, and temperatures hover dangerously near freezing at night, I harbor sad regret.

You see, I still have a lot of green tomatoes. . . 



 . . . and I am still waiting for these peppers to turn yellow and red!






Zinnia and cosmos buds still show promise of bright colorful blooms. 


I will hate to see all of this hope go unfulfilled, but take solace in and look forward to the promise of next year!