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Welcome to my mid-October gardens, where we have thus far avoided a frost, and you will find three seasons of blooms!  Let’s start in the rock garden.

The sedum, delicately pink in early September, have matured to an autumnal burgundy.  I love the way it plays against the yellows and russets in the ferns.


Nestled in the rocks above the sedum, the dianthus are having a little resurgence.  Notice their friend at the left.  My daughter painted him a few years ago, and I’m never sure just where in the garden he’ll appear!

A bright pink rose cluster is lovely in front of the ferns.  The bush has thrived since early summer, when I yanked a good binful of those ferns out to give it  space, air, and sunlight!




This little row of ageratum looks better now than it has all summer!  I must remember to use more of it in borders next year.

On the back porch, I replaced some poorly performing vinca (they did not like our wet summer!) with these cheerful chrysanthemums.  It makes me happy to look out my kitchen window and see them here.

Near the driveway, the begonias are still full and strong under the rhododendron.  Begonias are far from a favorite of mine, but I do love how well they perform in this location, so I plant them there every year!


Pots of asters, mums, and a few summer marigolds bloom together in the corner of the side porch. . .




. . . and a stray, self-seeded morning glory peeks out from beneath the side porch steps!

A pot of marigolds, angelonia, and pentas still brighten the entrance to the garage.






 The pink Knockout rose is as happy as I’ve seen it all year!


The garden still attracts visitors as well.  Please forgive if I don’t invite these in for tea!








This poor potted chrysanthemum, strategically placed to be seen through the family room window, had its own visitor, by the name of Mr. or Ms. Wood Chuck.  For two weeks, it was a lovely sight!  I have never known woodchucks to favor chrysanthemums, but this one must have been irresistible!

Finally, here is some of Mother Nature’s own handiwork in the trees around my yard.  Happy Bloom Day everyone, and thanks to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting our monthly gathering!