After our October snowstorms, we’ve had a relatively mild stretch of weather here.  Some of my potted chrysanthemums are continuing to bloom, and one even has quite a few buds that may come to flower, so long as the warmer temperatures continue and I remember to keep it watered!

I’m particularly fond of this one’s colors!

The alyssum under the rhododendron continues to bloom as well, even though the snow was the demise of the begonias behind it.

 The spring-like temperatures have brought a few surprises, such as this rogue pansy in a container of what had been vincas.

The candytuft has put forth a few snowy white blossoms as well.





Finally, in the house, my “Christmas” cactus is almost done with its yearly show.  Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of it at its best.  Here it is both in bud, about three weeks ago, and as it is today.  I was worried it was going to drop all of its buds after I brought it in the house, but it held them and had a beautiful flush of blooms shortly after Halloween!

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens, http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/, for hosting this monthly summary of what’s blooming in everyone’s gardens!