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This picture summarizes early June in my neighborhood this year.  It’s great for the grass and the plants already in the ground, but not so much for gardening yet to be done.



On this past wet Monday morning, three full flats of nursery stock, mostly Impatiens, weighed on my mind.  Clearly, I was not able to sit in the driveway and pot them, as is my usual habit.  So, I improvised and kluged together a temporary potting shed, right there in my garage.

 The trunk of my car made a fine shelf to hold the flats of flowers. (Don’t worry, dear husband of mine, the rain washed away the dirt when I drove to the store later that day!)

The wheelbarrow was a portable and convenient vehicle for the potting mix.


This is my favorite part– our heavy-duty trash can, transformed into a potting bench.  It held the pots at just the right height for me, and, when I turned the lid upside down, there was a little moat to catch any water or soil that might leak.  The clean-up afterward was super easy, too!




 I’m a firm believer in pinching most of the blooms from nursery stock to encourage the plants to grow more bushy and fuller.  I put an empty flat on the floor near my “bench” and just dropped the cast-offs into it.  When I finished for the morning, I simply dumped the whole lot into the compost bin.



I just set the completed pots and baskets in the driveway, and let nature do the watering!



 The white wire hanging baskets I use for the Impatiens were showing their age, so about a week ago, I freshened them up with a couple of coats of Rustoleum.  I first thought I would just replace them, but, wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find white baskets anywhere!  I could also hear my grandmother’s voice in the back of my brain, chiding me to choose the more economical option!The coconut fiber liners that held the soil in the baskets also looked bedraggled, so I bought some inexpensive, one-size-fits-all replacement liners.  However, after giving myself a blister trying to cut through the tough material of the first one, and being dissatisfied with the lumpy, awkward way if fit in the basket, I returned the others and bought pre-formed liners in the right sizes for my baskets.  Sorry, Grandma, but aggravation I saved myself was well worth the few extra dollars I spent!Most of the pots I made that morning will reside on my front porch.  Receiving just the first few hours of sunlight each day, and virtually out of reach of hungry critters, it is an ideal location for Impatiens.They may not look like much now, but in a few weeks, these pots will greet our front door guests with a colorful, happy welcome!