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This is my rock garden, in the hour just after sunrise on this June 15th.  Take a stroll in the dewy grass along its edge with me and see what’s blooming.

A clump of dianthus brightens one corner, while, a bit to its right, a lone spike of coral bell blooms:






Last summer, as I was thinning out the ferns (which I love and hate!), I found a very small rose.  I cleared the area around it, and this is what it has become.  I think the bright pink is stunning:








Passing by another gaggle of ferns, we come to the sprawling white rose, just coming into its annual June glory:

A bumblebee frolics in the May Night Salvia:









Moving along, we find some Geum Mrs. Bradshaw, mingling with the first flowers of what I believe is Coreopsis Early Sunrise.  The geum was new to me last year, and I did not know what to expect from it.  The red and yellow together add some heat to this little patch of the garden:

On the rocks above the geum, some of the wild daisies I allow into the garden are beginning their bloom.  If I did not control these “weeds” every year, I fear they would stage a happy daisy coup!

At the far end of the rock garden lies the patch of newly replanted black-eyed Susans.  Hopefully I will have pictures of them to show you on Bloom Day in July or August!

Up on the back deck sits my box of early spring pansies.  I recently moved them from a railing that bears the brunt of the hot summer sun to this more shady, cooler spot.  I think they’ll be happier here:Near the driveway, in the succulent patch, the dragon’s blood sedum is blooming for the first time ever!

Around the front of the house, this pink Knockout rose greets visitors at the end of the sidewalk:  

Moving down the sidewalk, you can see that one of the small astilbes I planted last spring is showing its feathery pink plumage.  Three others, all larger plants, are sporting many spikes full of buds, so a spectacular show is surely on the way!

Finally, on the front hill, a pink rose blooms prolifically.  A good friend and I recently spent an afternoon working together in first my garden, and then hers.  The project for my house was the weeding out and pruning of these roses, an odious task I tend to avoid.  It was much easier with help and good company, and the result is gratifying:

I hope you enjoyed the tour of what’s blooming in my gardens today!  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day each month!