Today the vegetable garden was due some attention.  First, I planted two new orange bell pepper plants, bought, along with four quarts of sweet strawberries,  at the local farmers’ market this morning.  I screened enough compost to give each of them a generous trowel full, and then even more to top dress each of my six tomatoes and the other three peppers.  We’re expecting hot, dry weather for the next week, so I gave all of these plants a generous drink of water as well.  Peppers in particular seem to like a lot of water and food, so I’m hoping these measures give them a good start!  Last year, I was rather neglectful of them, and they did not perform well.

Thanks to a rainy, cool beginning to June, it took ten days for the green beans to sprout.  I was beginning to worry, but it seems that every single seed came up!  Today I thinned their rows, pulling nearly every other seedling out of the ground to leave room for the others to grow freely.

I planted the oregano plant I received at the library’s volunteer recognition breakfast, as well as a tarragon and some parsley.  I pulled some stray mint out of the clump of lemon thyme, and some buttercups out of the sage.

Lastly, I did some weed control.  When my husband mowed the lawn yesterday, he dumped the grass clippings in a currently empty section of the garden.  I spread this grass two inches thick all over the garden, between individual plants and along the pathways.  I have done this every year for the past three or four, and I am so glad I started!  It has virtually eradicated the weeds from my garden!  I want to shout it from the rooftops, so happy am I with its effectiveness! 

Oh yes, it also carries the benefits of keeping the moisture in the soil and providing nutrients as the grass decays.  But, have you heard?  A thick layer of grass clippings will do wonders keeping weeds from taking over your garden!Here’s the garden, partially blanketed in grass clippings.  Within a few days, the clippings will turn brown, and the lovely green plants will stand out again!