While I am very excited about an upcoming trip to Germany, I’m also feeling reluctant to leave my garden!

A few of my lilies, which the deer left alone for the second year in a row, have opened up, but I will miss the height of their bloom. I think the roses
will be largely done by the time I return, though the pink Knockout does tend to produce all summer long.

I worry that the woodchucks will take advantage of my absence and venture into beds they generally avoid.

I am confident that my very good friend will keep things well watered for me. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with her, and we won’t have a long period of high heat and drought. The forecast is for below average temperatures and average rainfall, so I think she’ll have an easy enough job. I am grateful for all the trouble to which she will go to take care of my gardens for me!

The town I am visiting, Hannover, is home to a huge public garden, the Herrenhausen Gardens. I’m hoping to get to visit there, and am looking forward to sharing pictures with you all when I get back!