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Today we are having some much needed rain, so I am glad I took my pictures for bloom day yesterday morning, while the sun shone brightly!  Here’s what’s blooming this weekend in my Northeast Pennsylvania garden:

A threadleaf coreopsis is a sunny anchor for this end of the rock garden.  The sweet alyssum is starting to fill out and spread, and the first of the self-sown cleomes are blooming. Because of our nearly snow-less winter, I think, very few cleome seedlings sprouted this year, and I had to buy some nursery stock to fill in.  The nursery stock are not nearly as robust as the few self-sown plants.

 Farther along the rock garden, the monarda (bee balm) stands tall above the balloon flowers and more coreopsis.

I moved the bee balm to this location last summer, and I’m not really happy with it there.  It may find itself re-relocated in the fall!

Last year, the balloon flower favored me with a very long bloom period, and I am hoping for that again this year.  Nearby, the yarrow has flowered for a month, and has faded from pale pink to white:









The real garden stars right now, exploding with color, are my containers.  On my back porch railings sit five boxes of vinca.  They are much happier with this summer’s dry, hot conditions than their counterparts were with all of the rain we had last summer.

A pot of geraniums and dusty Miller sits on the steps leading to the porch.  All of this pink, which I can see from my kitchen window, pleases me, and I am already planning a pink and gray scheme for the back deck next summer.

Move over to the side porch for the real fireworks!  I love all of this color!

These containers hold yellow Marguerite daisies, purple Angelonia, yellow-orange lantana, portulaca, petunias, vinca, annual phlox, and, in back, shaded by the taller plants, impatiens and coleus.  Oh, morning glories too!

The pink petunias are making a nice comeback after being nibbled by whatever critter snuck onto the porch.  I’m hoping to see some of the yellow ones soon!  They share their boxes with some phlox:

It’s fun to watch the lantana change colors as the blooms age.  They move from yellow-orange to almost red over the course of a few days.  

Finally, here is my current favorite flower:  Mojave Pink Purslane, a member of the portulaca family.  I love the pink and yellow together in these flowers!

Happy Bloom Day to everyone, and thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for continuing to host it!