Our recent trip to Germany centered around two cities, Hannover and Berlin, where apartment dwelling is the norm.  Even in the heavily populated residential areas, flowers abounded.  Here are some of the highlights.

These little porches were visible from the windows of the apartment we rented in Hannover:

I was frankly disappointed that there were no flowers on the balcony of our flat.  There were, however, tomatoes and fig trees, complete with baby fruits!  Part of the rental agreement stipulated that I keep them watered, but since it rained several times while we were there, I did not need to!








It seemed that every other street in both cities had its own flower shop, such as this one on a Berlin sidewalk.  I wished I could have brought something home!

Here are some porch and balcony gardens we saw in Berlin. Some of them were quite extravagant; all were exuberant! 






Finally, here is a long distance shot of a cemetery in the shadow of the remains of the Berlin Wall.  It looks like some very lovely gardening is going on there in memory of loved ones: