Early this spring, I planted a container of pansies to grace the sidewalk in front of a friend’s bagel shop.  We had fine weather for pansies, and they flourished, right through late June, when I left for Germany.   (Of course I never remembered to take a picture.)  As I expected, though, the hot weather of late June and early July was too much for their delicate constitution, so this week I replaced them with a more summery mix:

I chose cleome, angelonia, zinnias (profusion mix), gomphrena, and sweet potato vine.  I had hoped for a dark maroon vine, but as our local nurseries no longer had them, I settled for this green one.  The cleome and angelonia bring height to the arrangement, but I am dissatisfied with the way their more subdued colors play against the vivid zinnias and gomphrena.  I wish I had been able to find a golden Marguerite daisy, but, at this point in the summer, the choices are limited!

Come mid-September, I may update the arrangement for autumn and replace the cleome with a chrysanthemum or aster.  The rest of the plants should carry right through the fall quite nicely, provided I visit the bagel store regularly for a nice treat (she also sells chocolate croissants!) and dead-head those zinnias while I’m there!