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After visiting the Grosser Garten with its Great Parterre, grotto, and Special Gardens, my niece and I crossed Herrenhauser Strasse to visit the Berggarten (Hill Garden).  First we stepped into the cactus house:It was stunning, overwhelming, and, at times, even a little creepy!Everything in this greenhouse was well labeled, and, if I were a cactus aficionado, I could have spent hours in here examining the hundreds of specimens.  Here’s one of the few things I recognized, a Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia X lomi.  I hope mine doesn’t grow this large!

From the cactus house, we walked through an airlock into the humidity and warmth of the tropical house and orchid house.  I know very little about orchids, so I will just show you several pretty pictures!

Once we had seen enough of the orchids, we went outside into the Ornamental and Subtropical Courtyards.  These flower-filled, colorful gardens were prettier to my eyes than the heavily formal Great Parterre:There was even a sunken succulent (say that 10 times!) garden!  A tiny parterre:Look how the gardeners have clipped and trained these hens and chicks into miniature tree forms:I hope you are enjoying this virtual tour of the Herrenhauser Gardens.  I have one more installment in this series, so come back soon to see the fuchsia exhibit!