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I just learned from The Sage Butterfly that there is a monthly meme hosted by Town Mouse Country Mouse which invites garden bloggers to share views of their gardens at the beginning of each month.  During the summer when things can come and go so quickly in the garden, I think this makes a good partner for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

My vegetable garden gives me a lot to look forward to this month.  The tomato plants are heavy with fruit which is just beginning to ripen:
Fresh beans will be on the menu two or three times a week for the next month, and there should be plenty to freeze, too!  It seems to be time to cut and dry some oregano as well:

The row of Fruit Smoothie zinnias in the middle of the vegetable garden is starting to bloom.  I had such fun watching the butterflies play here last year!The rock garden, as I wrote just yesterday, is rather lackluster right now.  However, by the end of the month, this sedum Autumn Joy will be a carpet of purplish-pink:In another bed, the black-eyed Susans are holding their own in a sea of mint, and on the side porch, the morning glories are climbing and blooming:

August is off to a fine start!