The stars of this month’s bloom day are my containers.  The petunias are exuberant, and the morning glories are, well, glorious:

Up on the corners of the back deck, you can see boxes of pink vinca.  We’ve had some heavy rain showers over the past two days, so they’re a bit bedraggled now.  They’ve done very well during this summer which has been mostly hot and dry; last year they struggled with all the rain.  Besides being heat and drought tolerant, critters don’t seem to like them, always a benefit in my garden!

Near the garage door, a pot of angelonia is coming back nicely a couple weeks after I cut back the spent flower stalks.  The purple is strongest now, but there are a pink and a white plant in there as well.




On the front porch, the hanging baskets of impatiens are at their peak:There’s a lot going on in the vegetable garden this month.  The cucumbers, green beans, and sweet peppers have many blossoms:

The cherry tomatoes are still sporting many yellow blossoms, while the ripening plum tomatoes add some showy, flowery color of their own:

Around the edge of the garden, the ever-burgeoning spearmint is blooming; within the fence, the lemon thyme flowers as well:

This short row of zinnias “Fruit Smoothie” provide some nice color amidst all the green, though I do hope to see some purple, orange, and yellow too!I am very happy to see the black-eyed Susans I transplanted late in the spring are blooming at their end of the rock garden.  I really like them next to these purplish-pink geraniums–something to keep in mind for next year!In another section of the rock garden, these rudbeckia and cleome create a charming vignette:I moved this pot of portulaca off our side porch into the rock garden to provide some color to this bland spot.  Due to the gloom of the day, they were not open, but you can still see how bright and cheerful they are:Begonias and alyssum have spread well to fill in the space under a rhododendron:At the front of the house now, here is a corner bed of ageratum, dusty miller, geraniums, and begonias:The “Purple Palace” heuchera has sent up a few flower stalks, despite being overcrowded by the astilbe.  It will have a room of its own next year!Finally, here is a bright spot in our lawn that shows up every year around this time, particularly if it’s damp:I am always delighted to see them; my husband not so much.  Next time he mows, these babies will be history.  On the rare occasion he’s allowed them to stay a while, they eventually formed a full circle, and I well imagine the fairies have enjoyed dancing in their ring!As always, thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting the monthly bloom day.  It is a great resource for finding fellow bloggers and gardening friends!  Happy Bloom Day!