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As we turn the calendar to the autumnal pages, so our gardens seem to turn their own pages, bringing us fresh new blooms and a new palette of deep, rich hues. On this first day of September, my garden is poised for its final act of the year, but not yet prepared to abandon its summer fling.These Knockout roses share my own reluctance to give up the carefree days of summer, while in the background, the sedum Autumn Joy is slowly donning its more subdued fall finery.

Late blooming “weeds” bring new shades to the rock garden, where the ferns, lush and green through the hot, dry summer, take on tones of gold and copper.

Some chrysanthemums patiently wait to emerge from their buds, while others can no longer curb their enthusiasm.

The yarrow and dianthus seem re-energized by the cooler evenings of late summer.  I’ve also seen some tiny stray blooms on the springtime candytuft and creeping phlox!

On the side porch, the flippant petunias continue their rampant spring-hued explosion, perhaps thumbing their noses at the autumn colors already creeping into the rock garden behind them.

Bean and tomato production has slowed considerably in the vegetable garden, giving way to the sunflowers, zinnias, and four o’clocks.

It was already too sunny and bright outside to find an open bloom on the four o’clocks; I promise to show you one soon!  I particularly like the pink and white candy-striped blossoms!

While I am loath to say good-bye to the happy flowers of summer, I do look forward to what my garden has to show me in the next month or two.  Thanks to Town Mouse and Country Mouse for hosting this monthly opportunity to feature wide views of our gardens and highlight what’s in store for the month!