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Happy New Year, all my garden blog friends!  Here’s a quick look at what I’m looking forward to as the new year gets underway:

basement bulbsThe bulbs I planted for indoor forcing are sending up their first shoots.  Here are some daffodils and miniature irises under a grow light in the basement.  When they’re a bit taller I’ll move them upstairs to natural light and warmer temperatures.  I anticipate flowers in a couple of weeks, hopefully in time for Bloom Day on the 15th.  Tulips and amaryllis are on deck!

houseplant bud closestrappy mystery houseplant









I don’t know what this houseplant is.  My daughter’s piano teacher gave it me when hers had many babies, and she told me it would eventually have small blue flowers.  Eighteen months later, there seems to be flower stalk and bud coming along, visible in the picture on the right, and I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like!  (UPDATE:  This is a Walking Iris or Apostle Plant; click here for further details!)

candy corn vine on blind cordThis Candy Corn Plant (Manettia inflata) is twining up the mini-blind cord in my kitchen windowsill.  It is growing fast; just three days ago, when the year was still 2012, it had twirled around the cord only twice!  I’m thinking this vine needs a more suitable support soon!  paperwhitesMy pot of paperwhite narcissus has started to bloom, and looks lovely against the poinsettia I purchased to support the school’s music department.  There are five more flower stalks on their way up.  When they are all open, the scent will be overwhelming!

Bird feeders front porchThis is the view I see as I sit at the computer to compose these posts.  In the span of an hour this morning, these bushes were visited by a pair of Carolina wrens, a chickadee, a few juncos, and a male cardinal; disappointed that the food they are accustomed to finding here all winter long had not yet been served!  I have since put out suet and seed for my fine feathered friends, and know that I (and my cats) will soon enjoy all of the avian activity on the front porch!

paperwhite closeup

Once again, I wish everyone a happy 2013, full of growth and beauty!