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The outside weather here has been snowy and cold for the past few weeks, but indoors it looks like spring!  023

I’m happy to report that I’ve had fairly good luck with the bulbs I planted for indoor forcing this winter.  The paper whites were the first to bloom, in early January, and complemented the poinsettias oh so well.  We enjoyed their blooms, if not their pungent odor, for about two weeks.   Next came the rich violet-blue Iris reticulata, with their all-too-short bloom span of just a week.  054The daffodils and tulips followed in quick succession.  All at once, I enjoyed daffodils Tete-a-Tete and tulips Purple Prince and Synaeda Amor.  They looked beautiful together on a small tabletop in my living room.060Now I am especially enjoying a tulip called Tequila Sunrise.  This is what it looked like very early in its bloom period:047And here it is a couple of days later:006I love how the shades of coral and fuschia have suffused through the blossom.  Here they are as they look today, about a week after originally opening.  Would you even have guessed these were the same tulips ?001 (2)Isn’t it spectacular?  I have a new favorite tulip!

I’m happy to have had so many successes this year with my forced bulbs.  I do wish, however, that I had managed to spread the blooms out better throughout the winter.  I will have to find a place to keep some of my pots chilled, without freezing, longer than others.  Also, I must remember to keep to one variety per pot.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to get some irises and daffodils to bloom at the same time in one pot.  The irises withered long before the daffodils budded.

Next, I look forward to a stunning show from amaryllis Apple Blossom, about to burst into glorious bloom.  Six flower buds–such wonderful promise!015