Amaryllis "Apple Blossom" About eight weeks ago, just after New Year’s, I planted three amaryllis bulbs.  I watered them sparingly and placed them under the grow light in the basement.  This Apple Blossom Amaryllis soon sprouted, and its stalk grew quickly.  When it was about six inches high, I moved it upstairs to an east facing window and watered it more regularly.  By mid-February the flower pod atop the stalk opened to reveal six buds.  I could barely contain my excitement as I waited for the first delicate pink flower to open!  Apple Blossom amaryllis beginning to openAmaryllis "apple blossom"Amaryllis "Apple Blossom"










So what of the other two bulbs, you wonder?  Well, they were much slower to start, and I nearly gave up hope.  While Apple Blossom bolted from its pot,  Amaryllis Gervase did nothing for seven weeks!  Both received similar treatment, with the exception that I put Gervase in a clay pot, rather than plastic.  Thus, the soil dried faster and stayed colder.  I tried to jump start it by letting it sit on top of the furnace for a week, but that didn’t help.  A heat mat I ordered for starting seedlings this spring arrived in the mail, and I tried setting Gervase on top of that under the grow light.  Still nothing.  Tired of leaving the heat mat and grow light on all day for one bulb, I moved Gervase upstairs to a bright window.  Finally, I began to see some growth!

Amaryllis "Gervase" finally growing!I am interested to see whether that small blade still near the bulb develops into a second flower stalk or a leaf.

Here is my third amaryllis bulb.  While Apple Blossom and Gervase came from bulbs I ordered from John Scheepers’ last fall, this was a Christmas gift, purchased at a discount store by a well-meaning friend.  The box did not name the bulb.  When I opened it, I found a sad brown and withered bud atop the bulb.  Disheartened, I planted it nonetheless, thinking if it at least produced leaves I might have some luck getting it to bloom next year.  Like Gervase, it was very slow, but it is now also showing new growth.  I’ll nurse it along and see what comes!  Mystery big box store amaryllisIn the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my gorgeous Amaryllis Apple Blossom!Amaryllis "Apple Blossom" in bloom