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March is beginning here in Northeastern Pennsylvania with below freezing temperatures, even colder wind chills, and the threat of another snowstorm in a few days.  Yet, even though winter is reluctant to let loose its grip here, the days are brighter and longer.  When I watch my children make their way to the school bus in the morning, I hear birdsong that was absent a month ago.  Occasionally, the wind, always present on our hill, shifts, and feels warmer, gentler.  Spring may not be here yet, but its promise is fully present!

Soon, the catkins on this native pussy willow bordering my road will burst from their hard black shells and delight children young and old with their soft grey fur. 014

Soon, I will clear away these Christmas tree branches to reveal the pale green shoots of snowdrops, winter aconite, and crocuses.017

Soon, the buds on the forsythia will fatten, and I will cut some branches to bring into bloom in the house.  016

Soon, the snow will melt away, and this hillside will be clothed in violet and yellow. 018

There is still much to look forward to inside the house as well.

The Walking Iris is set to put forth another flower, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, and it seems there will be more to come after that.002

This African violet, which winters in our bright master bathroom, is primed to dazzle.010

Amaryllis Gervase continues to grow, and I am certain now that it boasts two flower stalks!  015

Finally, I will celebrate the arrival of March by sowing seeds for my summer gardens.  Tomatoes and peppers are first in line, to be planted early this week, followed closely by basil.  By the end of the month, I hope to be nurturing two flats of baby seedlings under the grow light in the basement!

What do you look forward to in March?