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People, never give up on your amaryllis bulbs!

I planted three amaryllis bulbs in January.  One, Apple Blossom, quickly sprouted a flower stalk.  The other two sat there, seemingly dead as rocks, even after eight weeks of light, warmth, and water.

Just as Apple Blossom bloomed (six beautiful flowers!), I rejoiced as I spotted growth on Gervase.   It was indeed a flower stalk!  Soon, I saw more growth.  A leaf blade, I thought, but then it grew too plump for just a leaf.  Here is my Amaryllis Gervase today, with, count them, three flower stalks!  Perhaps there will be a flower to show you on Bloom Day this Friday?

Three stalks on Amaryllis "Gervase"

Three stalks on Amaryllis Gervase

I had also planted an unlabeled bulb a friend bought at a discount store.  I had little hope for it, as out of the box it sported a withered, brown bud.  I planted it nonetheless, with the idea that it would at least grow leaves this year, and I might stand a chance of seeing it flower next year.  Well, it has indeed sprouted some leaves, but look what else has shot up in the past week!

Mystery Amaryllis

Mystery Amaryllis

I am eager to see what color pops out of the bud.

Finally, back to Apple Blossom.  Only two of its flowers remain now, but this bulb still has energy to burn.  Here comes a second flower stalk!  I hope it will bloom for Easter!

"Apple Blossom's" final flower--NOT

Apple Blossom’s final flower–NOT!

A second flower stalk!

A second flower stalk!

And to think I had harbored thoughts of pitching those “dead” bulbs into the compost!  So glad I did not give up on them!