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030Welcome to one more Bloom Day in the house, rather than the great outdoors!

Today I have one African violet beginning its spring bloom.  I am pleased beyond measure with this plant.  A friend purchased it at Home Depot for me, and I frankly never expected much after it finished its initial bloom.  Generally speaking, the violets I buy at big box stores don’t produce after the first flowers fade.  This one, though, is great.  This year and last, I put it in my bright bathroom at Christmas time, when downstairs window space is at a premium.  The conditions there must be just right, because for two Februaries in a row, it has put out a multitude of buds and blooms beautifully in March.005

This shamrock plant also wintered in the upstairs bathroom.  You have seen it featured before, in a post about my front porch plants.  At the end of last summer, it, and a burgundy companion were in sad shape.  Most of their leaves had died off and it seemed that the plants were at their ends.  However, I put them in the bathroom plant infirmary, pulled off all the dead leaves, kept them moderately watered, and waited.  Sure enough, new shoots started sprouting in February, and both plants seem healthy and happy again.  No blooms yet on the burgundy plant; they will be lavender when they come.011

I had hoped that Amaryllis “Gervase” would open its first bloom by today, but it is keeping me waiting.  I suppose it wants a post dedicated to itself alone!025

In January, I bought two orchids in a “buy one, get one” special at Home Depot, and another friend gave me one for Valentine’s Day.  They have kept their blooms right through the winter.  I’ve been researching how to keep orchids going once the blooms drop, so hopefully I will be able to show them off for another bloom day next winter!  If anyone wants to share orchid hints with me, I’ll be happy to read them!013

017If I had written and posted this entry yesterday, on time, I would not have been able to show you this.  The Walking Iris continues to pump out flowers from its two buds, every four to five days.  Since each one lasts only a day, I am happy that it seems to have a good supply of flowers in each bud!008

054Only one primrose of the four I bought in January still has flowers.  I’m rather disappointed in the others, really.  Usually they keep right on going strong through to May.  I kept them watered and deadheaded.  One does have some new buds coming.020

The hibiscus is starting another cycle of blooms here in the window near the heat register.  It gets bright light all day, and direct sun in the late afternoon, when there actually is sun!  046

The only thing to show you outside is the native pussy willow growing along the edge of my road.  It’s not a great picture, but surely you can make out the velvety white catkins along its branches.057

Hoping to bring you pictures from outdoors for next month’s Bloom Day!  I envy those of you with crocuses and daffodils already!  Thanks, of course, to Carol at Maydreams Gardens for hosting our monthly Bloom Day!