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010It’s all about the crocuses this month! Cat with Early Morning Crocuses Open Crocuses These pictures are from last week, actually.  I don’t know what variety of crocuses they are; I planted them under a rhododendron near our driveway several years ago, before I kept track of these sorts of things!  Based on their size and colors, my best guess is crocus vernus, perhaps ‘King of the Striped,’ ‘Jeanne d’Arc,’ and ‘Grand Maitre.’

Here is why I can’t show you a nice picture of them blooming today.  I suspect this is the work of my arch-nemesis in the garden, one Mr. W. Chuck.  Sigh. . .010


Mr. Chuck rarely makes his way around to the front of the house, so I do have a nice display here, surrounding the Rose of Sharon.  These are crocus chrysanthus ‘Goldilocks’ (bright orange-yellow) and ‘Cream Beauty’ (paler yellow), crocus biflorus ‘Purity’ (white), and crocus tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant.’  I’m still waiting to see the delicate lavender hues of crocus chrysanthus ‘Blue Pearl.’
003Last week was a good week for the crocuses on my back slope, among all the rocks, where I enjoyed some patches of ‘Goldilocks,’ ‘Cream Beauty,’ and ‘Purity.’  020Again, since I took this picture, Mr. Chuck has helped himself to several of these lovelies.  According to the John Scheepers website, squirrels may leave crocus tommasinianus alone; perhaps the woodchucks would also find them distasteful!  I know there are some ‘Ruby Giants’ planted on this hill, but I haven’t seen them bloom yet.

Farther up the hill, around the kids’ tree house, the first daffodils have bloomed!  Now here is a bulb no one seems to bother!

008I have a few pansies waiting to be planted in pots on the porch.  007There’s not much spectacular happening in the house.  One of the African violets I divided and re-potted last fall is starting to bloom; the other two are loaded with buds and will soon follow.012I am also very much enjoying a beautiful bouquet on my dining room table, flowers from my husband of seventeen years, in celebration of our wedding anniversary two days ago!013I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has blooming in your gardens this month.  Thanks, as always to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly garden party for all of us!