I wrote my most recent post, “What’s Blooming Now”, quite late at night. When I awoke the next morning, I realized I had forgotten to include the pansies.  Now, two days later, I have remembered something else–the forsythia!
083My two forsythia bushes help welcome visitors as they drive up our road and turn the corner into our driveway.  They also help bring an early spring into the house when I cut some branches to force into bloom late each winter.  I think these bushes could use a little trimming this year when they’re done blooming.  I don’t want to shape them so much that they look unnatural, but will perhaps just cut back enough so they look a little less awkward!  What do you think?  088

I also would be happy it these bushes filled more of the corner space here.  I also wouldn’t mind seeing some of this bright yellow way up in the back corners of my yard.  The deer leave it alone, so it would be ideal up there!  Some of the branches I force in March invariably form roots; I wonder if branches cut at this point in the spring would do the same, so they could then be planted outside in a month or so.  Opinions and advice are welcome!  Thanks to Garden in a City, by the way, for reminding me about my forsythia!  No more late-night writing for this particular blogger!