Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise'  5/15/13; day 6Tulipa ‘Tequila Sunrise’ was the last of my tulip quartet to bloom this spring.

On the morning of May 10, its buds were beginning to show color.  It is in the center front of this group:Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise' about to openLater that afternoon, the sun came out, and the first blossoms opened; yellow, tinged with feathery coral highlights:Tulip 'Tequila Sunrise', first day

"Tequila Sunrise' upon opening

As the days passed, the coral color deepened toward red, and suffused farther into the petals.  Here it is on days four and five, in mid-May: Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise' day 4 

'Tequila Sunrise'  day 5

Tulipa ‘Tequila Sunrise’ was a late bloomer here in my zone 5b garden in Northeastern Pennsylvania, opening during the second week of May.  It ranged in height from twenty-one to twenty-six inches, and its flowers were large; three inches high, and six inches across when fully open on a sunny, hot day.  The Scheepers catalog lists it as a Darwin tulip; others consider it a Triumph.  Here it is on the sixth day of its bloom period, with just a hint of its original yellow remaining:Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise' day 6By day eight, it was nearly solid coral-red:Tulip 'Tequila Sunrise'  5/17, day 8 of bloom periodWe had a few days of cloudy, cool weather, so there was just a little change between days eight and eleven:Tequila Sunrise  tulip, day 10, 5/20Finally, here is ‘Tequila Sunrise’ as it stands today, the twelfth day of its bloom period, open wide to the bright, hot sun: Tulipa 'Tequila Sunrise' day 12, May 21 Tulip 'Tequila Sunrise' day 12 of bloom periodP.S.  ‘Tequila Sunrise’ performed exceptionally as an indoor forced bulb for me back in February as well!  I highly recommend that tulip lovers put it on your short list!