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To define lush, just look to my gardens in mid-June.  Plenty of rain, a few days of high heat and humidity, and even more days of moderate temperatures have resulted in rich, thick green foliage throughout!lush foliage in rock garden, mid-JuneThe ferns steal the show in the rock garden!  I believe they are naturally occurring.  I do nothing to encourage their growth, but I do spend a fair bit of time taming their encroachment upon all the other flowers in the rock garden each spring.  ferns in rock gardenThe Autumn Joy Sedum is huge this year!  Wouldn’t it make a lovely winding hedge?Autumn Joy sedum in late springBehind ‘Autumn Joy,’ here is a fern that is different from the rest in the garden.  I don’t know fern names; perhaps someone can help me name them?a different fernOver in the vegetable garden, I recently cut back the small oregano hedge by half, to make room for vegetables!  I can’t believe how large this one tiny row of seeds sown two summers ago grew!  oregano hedge, clipped backLovely as it is, I plan to remove this oregano in the fall, since it just takes up too much valuable space in my tiny vegetable patch.  Not to worry, though; I did put some transplants in a small area just outside the garden fence, and they have taken well.  Oregano can live outside the confines of the fence because it is highly unlikely that the woodchucks will eat them.oregano transplantsGarden sage was spreading like wildfire through the vegetable garden too, so I dug and transplanted some of it as well.  Again, I feel very secure growing this herb out in the open.garden sageNear these herbs, the Joe Pye Weed I planted last summer is growing well.  I think its young foliage is very attractive.Joe Pye weed in JuneHere is some “nuisance” foliage–Virgina Creeper along the back porch railing.  I don’t mind it, in limited quantities, but it is indeed invasive!  I am showing you but a small sample of this fast growing vine.  Since I took these pictures, I did cut it back quite a bit.  Virginia creeper on back porchIt seems that it is going to have some flowers.  This is the first time I’ve ever noticed this!Flower buds on Virginia CreeperHere is a bit of it climbing up the house.  Husband says it has to go!  I suppose he is right, for the sake of our house and its siding.Virginia creeper creeping up houseUp the back yard hill, at the edge of the forest, is one of my favorite scenes each summer–this lovely, soft bed of native ferns.   fern bed at edge of forestMama does sometimes bed down here with their fawns.  Can you think of a more soothing place to lay your baby to sleep?fern patch at edge of woodsThanks to Pam at Digging for hosting the monthly Foliage Follow-Up!Ferns close up