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059I have three varieties of Coreopsis in my gardens, all planted several years ago, before I kept the same kind of records I do today.  I wonder if any of my readers can help me identify them?

Two are threadleaf (verticillata) types.  I know that one of them is definitely ‘Moonbeam,’ and I think it is the one in the top picture here.  It’s flowers are a pale, creamy yellow, measuring an inch and a half across, and the plant is fifteen to eighteen inches high.010

                                        Is this ‘Moonbeam’ Coreopsis?

Here is the other threadleaf Coreopsis.  It’s flowers are a darker, hotter shade of yellow, again about an inch and a half in diameter, and a fifteen to eighteen inch plant height.  016056                                                       Any guesses?

Finally, my third clump of Coreopsis has broader leaves and larger flowers, most just over two inches wide.  The flowers stand a few inches above the plant, between 18 and 24 inches high.  It is rare that I see such a full bloom on this plant; in previous years, the woodchucks have nibbled many of its buds before they can open.007068     Perhaps someone in Blogland has a better idea about these lovely flowers than I!