I must be hasty with this post today, as I need to get out the door to go catch a plane.  I’ll be flying from Newark, NJ to Seattle, WA this afternoon to spend a week visiting a friend and seeing the sights.  I’ll see a few lovely gardens, and Mt. Rainier as well,  but first I do want to show you what’s happening in my garden this month.

032The side porch containers are holding their own.  I love the Orange Profusion Zinnias and purple Salvia ‘Evolution.’  The yellow snapdragons are taking yet another hiatus, but they do have many buds that I will hopefully see as flowers late next week.  (You can read more about the flowers in these pots here.)

In another pot, this zonal geranium, ‘Apple Blossom,’ wins my heart with its delicate pink coloring.034Over in the rock garden, the Rudbeckia are in their prime, with Cleome ‘Violet Queen’ hovering gracefully above.013French Marigolds ‘Durango Gold’ pump out huge flowers that match the yellow-orange of the Rudbeckia and Coreopsis.  019Above this mass of yellow, the lithe and lanky Russian Sage blows in the breezes.  I did not know it would get so very tall (over five feet)!  Do I need to trim it back early in the summer next year?017The blue of the Russian Sage is reflected in some Ageratum which has filled in nicely and contrasts well with both the marigolds and the remaining Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam.’029Here are the very few Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas Purple’ (Globe Amaranth) that made it from seedlings in my basement to the garden.  They’ve been very slow to come, but I like them, and may try again with them next year.  026Under the rhododendron, the begonias and sweet alyssum are doing well.  I tried a new color scheme this year, with mostly white begonias, and I don’t like it as well as the dark pink I normally use here.  I miss the contrast between the begonias and alyssum.031“Cosmos Corner” is in almost full bloom, with ‘Pink Popsock’ and ‘Summer Dreams’ (white with a pink blush) working hard!  Still waiting for the Cosmos ‘Sensation Mix’ to bloom.039The Fuchsia hanging on the front porch has held out well through the summer.  It is a demanding plant, though, requiring water nearly every day!  Needy like a toddler!044
In my front garden, the only flowers I’m happy with are the Nicotiana ‘Limelight.‘  043I’ll address my issues with this space in a later post. 041As always, thanks to Helen at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day!  I look forward to catching up with everyone’s gardens during the early morning hours this week, when I, an east-coaster, wake up three hours earlier than my west-coast hosts!

Happy Bloom Day!038