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Welcome to September in my gardens!

It is the morning glories’ time to shine!  Here are my most faithful, variety unknown, twining around the pillar of the side porch. . .017. . . and among the marigolds. . .022. . . and through the rhododendron bush, giving it a second season of bloom!018I purposefully sowed some of these seeds, saved from last year’s crop. Others, like the vine in the rhododendron, are volunteers.

Here are some others, ‘Heavenly Blue,’ trailing through the spindles on our little second floor alcove:001The blooms now are darker than those that bloomed earlier in the season–perhaps a reaction to the cooler weather and shorter days?  They’re a much later bloomer than the magenta variety, coming into their full glory not until the beginning of September.072

It is also time for the flowers in the vegetable garden to outshine the slowly ripening tomatoes and fragrant basil!  074Right behind the gate is a hearty volunteer Cleome, with four separate branches and gigantic flower heads.  077I’ve already documented how much I love the Zinnias ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame.’  The taller ones behind them are Burpee’s ‘Giant Flowered Mix.’  They range from three to four feet in height, and the flowers are three to four inches wide:055 As you can see, the vast majority of mine are pink, with a few salmon-orange flowers, and one red bloom just opening:

079Tucked among the tomatoes, some sunflowers reach for the sky.  I’ve lost the seed packet, so I can’t tell you what kind these are.  Their branching habit make them good for cutting, though:058Outside of the vegetable plot, the Obedience Plant I planted in June continues to bloom.  I wasn’t sure the small plants would flower the first year, but they’ve been giving me blooms since mid-July!065

Over in the rock garden, the Cleome and Rudbeckia are good mates.  You can barely see some wild White Wood Asters spilling over the rocks in the background:045At the other end of the rock garden, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ becomes darker and richer by the day:051At the front of the house, the pink Knockout Rose is having a resurgence of lovely blooms, against a backdrop of Cosmos ‘Summer Dreams:’010007

I wish a happy late summer to all of my blogger friends, and thank Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting our monthly Bloom Day!057