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As expected, the Autumn Joy Sedum steal the show as September draws to a close.  It is amazing how much their color has deepened since the beginning of the month!

September 3:
008Today:038The chrysanthemums are making a fine showing as well, coming from this four weeks ago:003to this bright, sunny show today:045As I’ve mentioned before, chrysanthemums are not reliably winter hardy in my area, so I am just thrilled that this one, now in its third year here, has done so well:079

This mum is also celebrating its third year of bloom, all of them in this pot!  After we had a hard freeze early last winter, I buried all of the potted mums in the rock garden, under a thick layer of leaves and branches from cut back plants.  That and the decent snow cover last year provided enough insulation to keep them going.   Over the summer, I stowed the pots in an out-of-the-way place at the edge of the vegetable garden, where they received afternoon sunlight and rain when it came.  They were close enough to the hose, too, that I was able to water them easily if needed.

The only thing I would do differently next year if the mums survive again is to pinch them back more reliably as their buds formed in the early summer.  The tall red one in this pot could have been fuller had I done so.  I added the small yellow plant just this weekend, to help fill the pot better:080At the far end of the rock garden, the Japanese Anemone is blooming nicely:050Home Depot labeled this as ‘September Charm,’ which is clearly is NOT!  I think it looks more like a ‘Queen Charlotte.’  Whatever it is, I need to move it from the back corner behind all the Rudbeckia and Cleome, so it can actually be seen and appreciated:051Speaking of the cleome, some of them are looking rather tired and leggy this late in their season.  I have pulled some of the saddest looking ones out already:053055The flower section of the vegetable garden is still going strong, with my favorite ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ Zinnias next to a row of ‘Giant Flowered Mix’ Zinnias.  A volunteer cleome nicely impedes entrance to the garden:065The ‘Zowie!’ Zinnias have a particularly long bloom life, and make wonderful bouquets, staying fresh in a vase for up to ten days!

Butterflies have been scarce this year, but I finally did see a lone Monarch enjoying the zinnias a few days ago:001 (2)There are still plenty of tomatoes ripening.  We’ve had gorgeous, warm, sunny weather for much of the month, with more forecast this week, so I’m holding out hope for the greenies!067068My third planting of French green beans, ‘Nickel,’ is ready to pick, along with the yellow wax beans.  I think we’ll have some for dinner tonight, in fact!070075I’ll harvest some sage soon, too, and hang it in an upstairs closet to dry:073I plan to pull this plant completely out of the garden after that, since this spring I separated some of its plantlets and moved them to a spot outside of the fence, where they have taken well and not been bothered by any “critters!”

Around to the front of the house, Rose of Sharon has opened one lonely flower.  Thanks, everyone who gave me advice on how to save her!  I’ve been watering her  every other day and gave her some fertilizer formulated for root development, so hopefully she’ll do better next year:026Finally, the Lantana in the corner of the front garden has finally filled in and looks better now than it has all summer:016Having frequently documented my disappointment with this bed, I have a new plan for next year, involving the Dusty Miller, which I hope will winter over yet again, a floribunda rose, and some heather.  Stay tuned!  For now, join me in appreciating the late beauty of the Lantana:032Thank you Helen, The Patient Gardener, for hosting this party which allows us to take some moments and appreciate all that has happened in our gardens over the course of one short month!044