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I saw that it was the fifteenth today, and I thought, “Oh, October–I can’t possibly have much to show for bloom day this month.”  Then I went outside and took over 150 pictures!  Don’t worry; I shall use restraint and discretion as I highlight the best of mid-October in my gardens!

Of course there are chrysanthemums.  This one, in a very large pot, sits on the corner of the front walk, where it is visible to anyone who drives up our street, as well as our front door guests.  It started out pure yellow, but I love the pink tinge that suffuses its petals as it matures:017The daisy-like blooms on this mum positively glow in the autumn sunlight.  I wish Home Depot had given them a better label than “Garden Mum:”025The Autumn Joy sedum has mellowed to a rich autumnal burgundy:022Roses are still budding and blooming:031Some of the other summer annuals are still going strong, like these cleome, both “volunteers” in this year’s garden:036I find the volunteers are often the strongest.  This one has seven flower stalks!  085Sharing the vegetable garden space with this cleome, the zinnias (‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ and ‘Giant Flowered Mix’) are exploding with blooms.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these beauties today; it was very hard to choose which to share with you:081099Sunflowers too!  I lost the seed packet, and don’t remember their name:070I love that I can see these through my dining room window when I eat dinner!124A rogue nicotiana has popped up among the spinach!095The morning glories continue to twine their way up the patio corner posts:055Here is a sweet tableau in the rock garden; marigolds, ageratum, and dianthus:042Up at the lasagna bed, the foxglove I planted in early May are blooming now.  They’re very pretty, but I hope this doesn’t mean they won’t bloom next spring when I want them to!066Here is the first bloom of a new Sheffield daisy, bought near the end of the summer from my favorite vendor at the farm market:029Finally, here is a very tall cosmo, ‘Pink Sensation’, in a pot on the edge of the back deck.  It is five and a half feet tall, and its first flowers just opened this week!  145Thank you, Carol at May Dreams Gardens, for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day each month!152