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Narcissus ‘Double Fashion’ was the final addition last fall to my ever-expanding collection of daffodils.  As its name reflects, it is a double daffodil (RHS division 4, for those who need to know), boasting both extra layers of petals in its perianth and a ruffled, double layered cup.Narcissus 'Double Fashion'‘Double Fashion’ began blooming in my zone 5b garden in early May, and has held its flowers well for two weeks now.  It is one of my tallest daffodils, standing seventeen to twenty inches tall, yet it has borne up well to high winds and heavy rain this spring.  Its large flowers range from 3 1/2 to 4 inches across, and feature a bright orange corona against a soft, buttery yellow perianth, a detail which is noticeable from a distance.  026Due to its height, Narcissus ‘Double Fashion’ is well suited to a space in the middle or back of a bed, and would benefit aesthetically from a row of shorter plants in front of it, to draw attention away from its tall stems.  Mine seem rather over-exposed in their current location; I may move them to a space behind the astilbe or coral bells in the same bed.  038Wouldn’t ‘Double Fashion’ look lovely paired with ‘Sorbet‘?  Yet something else to remember next fall!Narcissus 'Double Fashion'Narcissus 'Sorbet'