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This Bloom Day morning proved idyllic as I strolled about my sun-filled gardens snapping pictures.  Strains of Chopin and Bach floated outside through the open windows as my daughter practiced her piano pieces.  Butterflies and bees flitted among the flowers, and the neighborhood orioles sang to one another.  The sun, absent for six consecutive days, finally shone brightly, and the blooms happily lifted their colorful faces to it.

Here is Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’, sharing a trellis with a very pale lavender (almost white) Clematis whose name I long ago forgot: 005This is the best these have ever looked.  Last summer I took care to pile extra grass clippings and mulch at the base of the trellis, for Clematis prefer to have cool, shaded root.  Perhaps that was the key!  Here are some blooms hiding behind the trellis, in dappled shade:012Just outside the fence from the Clematis, my chives are blooming:007008And here is a little dianthus whom I experimentally tucked up against the rocks last summer:014Up in the lasagna garden, Heuchera ‘Paris’ established itself and wintered-over well, and is the first of several Heucheras to bloom:022Walking back down the hill to the rock garden, I cannot help but wonder whether the back yard is a lawn or a meadow!  Hawkweed and wild strawberries abound!029015In the rock garden, I have dianthus:030. . . and a brand new Guara ‘Rosy Jane’ blooming next to the ‘May Night’ Salvia:
037Here is Allium ‘Christophii’:044. . . and a white Allium whose name I don’t know.  At least I think it’s an Allium!   (UPDATE 6/17–I found my purchase order from Scheeper’s last fall, and found that these are indeed NOT Allium, but rather Ornithogalum Magnum (aka Star of Bethlehem)!  They were an experiment–I like them, how about you?):082On the side porch, my containers, planted just a few weeks ago, are filling in quite nicely, with Lantana, Scaveola, Purslane, Snapdragons, Petunias, Calibrachoa, Marguerite Daisies, Dalhias, Heliotrope, Bacopa, and African Daisies:052A basket of assorted Calibrachoa hangs above these containers:077On the front porch, the pots of pansies and violas I planted in April are still going strong.  With hot weather on the way, though, their days are numbered:059Finally, here is the Fuchsia I chose for the front porch this year.  It has already proven a favorite stop for our area hummingbirds!074Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly round-up of beautiful blooms!  069