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Often, it is the unexpected that takes your breath away.  Thus it was yesterday, as my family and I passed through the small town of Macungie, Pennsylvania, and discovered its tiny village park.  This is what we saw unassumingly bordering the sidewalk:048Of course I insisted we stop!  My husband and children knew there was no choice!066029We found zinnias of multiple varieties, such as the giants above, and these African zinnias, Lilliputian in comparison:074I think these zinnias are ‘Profusion Pink’:054I’m envious of the blue Salvia in this garden!  025How gorgeous is this colorful Coleus display, thriving here in full sun?
053Most of the garden is filled with annuals.  Besides the zinnias, salvia, and coleus, I saw cleome, begonias, lantana, marigolds, vinca, celosia, wishbone flower, ageratum, allysum, sweet potato vine, and geraniums.  Oh my!

There are some perennials scattered about as well.  The Russian Sage and Butterfly Bush were abuzz with dozens of fat bumblebees and Skipper butterflies:009
041Some sort of mallow decorates this corner of the garden:001Being August in Pennsylvania, of course there is Rudbeckia!059I also spotted a tall variety of sedum, day lilies, hostas, and a few gigantic bush-like Baptisia that must have been breathtaking back in June.

A large patch of Shasta daisies stands next to this whimsical path:071Here’s more whimsy, etched in the sidewalk:084I don’t know this flower, about eighteen inches tall, with few leaves on its stems. Can any of my readers identify it?  (Update:  Thank you, Melanie, for telling me it is Verbena bonariensis.)085A long view of the garden, from the street side:056A well-kept railroad pavilion sits at one end of the park.  Sunday morning found it populated with a small group of rail fans, there to watch the trains go by:070052It seems that volunteers created and maintain this beautiful garden park.  It must be a dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable group!  There was not a weed to be found; the dead-heading was up to date, and the garden seems expertly designed.038With a good book and a supply of pink lemonade, I would have been happy to sit here among the flowers all day!019One last look as I reluctantly left this Garden of Eden:083