I recently discovered the “In a Vase on Monday” meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who invites us to pick whatever may be blooming in our gardens on Monday morning, then plop artfully arrange it in a vase to enjoy throughout the week.029I currently have plenty of Cosmos (‘Pink Sensation’) to go around, so I cut several long stems of those, not minding if I took quite a few buds as well, since they replenish themselves quickly this time of year.  For filler I used the goldenrod that grows so plentifully around the edge of our cul-de-sac, and then finished it off with three stems of ‘Little Joe’ Joe Pye weed.  006I’m using my German grandmother’s china cocoa pot as a vase.  The pink cabbage roses highlight the flowers, or is it vice versa?  011Yes, I even put flowers in the spout!  No tipping over and pouring out, please!

The arrangement sits on top of a roll top desk near the entryway, between photographs, one taken by each of my children, of flowers from a past year.  (The proud mama in me feels obliged to point out that they won ribbons at our county fair for those pictures!)  We pass through this area many times every day, so the flowers will be seen and enjoyed frequently throughout the week!028Why not check out In a Vase on Monday to see how other bloggers are showcasing their cut flowers this week?