This week, I have not one, not two, but THREE vases to share with you!

First, some recycled flowers from last week’s arrangement.  The ‘Pink Sensation’ Cosmos lasted most of the week, but were decidedly ready for the compost heap this morning.  The Joe Pye Weed, however, still looked fresh, so it has been promoted from filler to feature in this week’s bouquet, along with most of the original goldenrod:007I just trimmed a few inches off the stems and put them in a smaller vase with fresh water.  It sits on a kitchen counter, under the microwave.  I hope its presence here will prevent me from cluttering up the spot with the usual accumulation of junk mail and other stuff that belongs somewhere else!

032I cannot take any credit for the second bouquet.  I celebrated my fiftieth birthday last week, and my husband brought me a dozen bright pink roses.  I neglected to take a picture of them when they were fresh, but here they are today, six days after he purchased them:013These are just inexpensive roses from a good grocery store (Wegman’s), but haven’t they opened up just beautifully?  I am impressed!016Finally, here is a small gathering of Rudbeckia and Heuchera ‘Paris’, cut from my own gardens this very morning!023It adorns the table on my side porch, where I often eat breakfast and lunch.  The blue pottery vase was a gift from my best friend.029Thank you to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this weekly opportunity to share our bouquets!  Why not click on the link and see what other bloggers are picking in their gardens this week?