1.  Order bulbs!  I particularly need a large number of ‘Dutch Master’ daffodils to plant along the back border of my lawn, adding to the eighteen foot row already up there. Additionally, I need to plan out my pots for indoor forcing.  What new Amaryllis should I try this year?  Also, my daughter really wants to see “black” tulips, so I must include some ‘Queen of the Night!’  Last year I waited too long to place my order and couldn’t get some of the bulbs I wanted.  My favorite bulb vendor is John Scheepers, though I’ve read excellent reviews of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs as well.  (Update:  Order completed and placed on 9/13/14.  Ordered from Scheepers’ since B and B didn’t have some of the specific items I wanted.)Narcissus 'King Alfred'2.  Order perennials for fall planting.  I am extremely pleased with how well Heuchera ‘Paris’ performed in my lasagna garden, so I want to plant one or two more up there.  There are a few things I’d like to put in the new terrace garden as well.  I had very good results with the plants I ordered (including ‘Paris’) last fall from Great Garden Plants, so will use them again this year.  (Update: placed order on 9/4/14 with New Garden Plants.com, which received better reviews on Dave’s Garden Watchdog list.)0203.  Plant spinach for a fall harvest.  I need to do this ASAP!  Last fall I ventured outside in the early morning dew to pick spinach for my children’s school lunch sandwiches right up through Halloween!  (Update:  done 9/3/14)0024.  Move some perennials to better locations.  Some of the plants in the lasagna garden don’t like being in the sunny corner, and others are hidden behind larger plants, so I can’t see them from my kitchen window!  Lasagna garden early morning, mid-July 5.  Stop watering the amaryllises.  They’ve been summering outside, on a partly sunny deck.  It’s time to let them dry out to prepare them for blooming next February and March.  I tip the pots on their sides so I remember not to water them and let the foliage die.  I was pleased to have good results bringing several bulbs back to bloom for a second year last spring.  My favorites are ‘Apple Blossom’ and ‘Gervase’.0116.  Make and freeze pesto sauce.  I lazily neglected to do this last year, and boy did we miss it!  We love it served over cheese tortellini, and have recently been using it as a spread on roasted vegetable paninis.   0477.  Enjoy fresh tomatoes daily!  BLTs, Caprese salad, or just sliced.  0548.  Collect Cleome and Morning Glory seeds.  Friends have requested them!  There’s also an infinitesimal chance they might not come up in my own gardens next year, so I like to have the back-up!0529.  Take cuttings of my favorite giant coleuses.  One fall I did forget to cut some slips before the frost.  Luckily, I had shared some that spring with a friend who did remember, so she generously re-shared with me the next year!  Moral–always share your plants!  These are now eighth generation descendants.05610.  Move the houseplants back into the house.  It is an easier transition for them if done while the weather is still mild enough for open windows and the heat has not yet been turned on.  The Christmas cacti, which are setting buds now, can be especially finicky, and may drop those buds if they are unhappy with the move!  I like to spray most of the plants with an organic insecticide before bring them into the house, and I check to pots to be sure there are no egg sacs attached to them.  061I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten, but this list seems long enough already! What’s on your to-do list for September?